Health Coach Legal Package


Health Coach Legal Package including Client Agreement and Consent, Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, HIPAA compliance, and more.

What is it? This is a complete package of ALL the legal documents you would need to start a Health Coach business. Both online and printable options provided. 

What forms are included:

  • Client Agreement and Consent
  • Website Terms of Use and Privacy
  • Patient Privacy Policy
  • HIPAA Compliance Manual
  • Testimonial Release & Consent form
  • Group Confidentiality Form
  • Covid Consent Waiver
  • Sample Disclaimer
  • On-site Release form
  • Online Forum rules 

Why do I need it? These forms begin the contract between you and your client, they protect your client’s privacy, and limit your own liability. This is every legal form you will need to protect you as a health coach, both online and in person. It’s important to have a client agreement to clearly define what service you’re offering, limitation of services, relationship boundaries, limiting liability, payment, scheduling and cancellation policies. The package also clearly articulates your responsibilities for maintaining the privacy of your clients personal health information. In addition, this package includes recent CoVid-19 protections, website terms and disclaimers and legal testimonial processing and intake so you can place clients good reviews on your website for marketing your business.

Who is this for? Any practitioner operating as a Health Coach.

When do I use it? Upon enrolling new Health Coaching clients.

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