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About DocuHealth

DocuHealth: We get it! Good healthcare attorneys are expensive and hard to find (we would know). You are building a healthcare practice or cleaning up the compliance and you need a cost-effective solution to your healthcare legal documents, now.

Attorneys get the question all the time: “Can’t I just purchase a template and work on it myself?” Then the attorney explains the value of legal advice and how she/he/they tailor the document to your needs. This is true, but we also believe in a healthcare provider’s right to choose their own path in completing their healthcare legal paperwork, which may or may not include an attorney

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So DocuHealth was formed by a healthcare attorney to break down the barriers between healthcare legal documents and healthcare providers. DocuHealth is not a law firm and not a substitute for legal advice based on your situation. We deliver what other online legal document websites are missing – legal documents tailored to healthcare providers that address the unique challenges a healthcare provider faces.