HIPAA Policies and Procedures Internal Compliance Manual




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What is it? This is a HIPAA Policies and Procedures Internal Compliance Manual for Healthcare Provider to maintain compliance with HIPAA federal law. Includes all sections addressed in HIPAA federal law, including sample forms, letters, examples and documents in the case of a breach and for use in training employees. Includes sign off page for personnel to sign on the last page to satisfy the HIPAA training requirement.

Who is it for? All providers governed by HIPAA, for example, medical doctors, mental health professionals, chiropractors, acupuncturists and beyond.

Why do I need it? All HIPAA implicated providers are required by federal law to have internal policies and procedures dictating how providers will maintain compliance with HIPAA.

When do I use it? Use it when training employees and staff. Alternatively when there is a breach in confidentiality.