About DocuHealth

Our Mission & Goals

To democratize access to essential healthcare legal documents and training. This platform reflects my commitment to empowering healthcare providers with the tools they need for operational excellence without the traditional cost barriers.

Meet David Holt

“As a lawyer and business owner, I appreciate the financial constraints that new business owners are up against when getting started and hiring a healthcare attorney.”

Hello – My name is David Holt, and I am the founder and owner of DocuHealth – a website where we sell legal documents for healthcare professionals. I am also a healthcare attorney in Minnesota at my law firm Holt Law where I have spent over a decade drafting healthcare legal documents.

Is is no secret that the US healthcare system is broken. I chose healthcare law because I wanted to enable smaller healthcare businesses to enter the US healthcare system and make a positive difference and change. I’ve learned there is a huge demand for quality healthcare legal documents for healthcare business owners and very few experienced healthcare attorneys.

The Fine Print

This is NOT legal advice… but it could save your bacon.

The limitation of these documents is they are not legal advice. The difference between paying an attorney hundreds or thousands of dollars for legal documents and formal legal representation is that they will tailor that document to your individual circumstances. But I realize and appreciate as a new business owner that a template may be enough as you get started and you are willing to accept some risk. As an attorney I get asked for templates all the time from budget-conscious new healthcare business owners. It’s a tough position for the attorney. I often see people using the internet to find free forms or borrowing forms from friends or professional groups and not knowing if they are legitimate or not. And I have to admit some of the documents I’ve read are simply terrible.

It’s amazing to me that a business owner would risk their entire business and everything that it’s worth over a few hundred dollars for a quality intake and patient services consent document for example.

Now I’ve grown my law practice to the point where I could continue to hire staff to keep up with nearly unlimited demand for healthcare legal documents, or find a better way to get my skill-set out to more people. I chosen the later option. I do not want to add more attorneys to scale my law firm. It’s expensive and slow and boring quite frankly. That is the main reason I founded DocuHealth; it was to reach a greater number of people with high-quality healthcare legal documents. I’ve cut out the “legal advice” component, I am not your attorney, and have left the remaining healthcare legal document templates for your immediate download and use.

The Summary

DocuHealth was formed by a healthcare attorney to break down the barriers between healthcare legal documents and healthcare providers. DocuHealth is not a law firm and not a substitute for legal advice based on your situation. We deliver what other online legal document websites are missing – legal documents tailored to healthcare providers that address the unique challenges a healthcare provider faces.

David Holt’s Bio

David (“DJ”) Holt is the attorney and owner at Holt Law. He is a biomedical engineer turned entrepreneur and cribbage champion (in his own mind). Outside of law, DJ enjoys travelling, hot yoga, trying new restaurants, propagating his plants and convincing his son Milo that he doesn’t need another Lego set.

Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Class of 2013
Holt Law, 2013 – Present