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To become a national leader in empowering consumers to take charge of their health care.
With DocuHealth consumers will safely and securely create and store their personal health information and easily connect with physicians, friends and family. We provide users with easy access to their health history anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Men and women between the ages of 18 and 75. Anyone with access to a computer has access to DocuHealth. Unlike our competitors, we are a free, consumer driven site.

Ninety-six percent of Americans believe that knowing their family history is important. Yet, the same survey found that only one-third of Americans have ever tried to gather and write down their family’s health history.
We are the anti-waiting room. No longer will patients have to rehash their medical history every time they see a different doctor or change health insurers. Our clean, easy to navigate site, will link consumers directly with their healthcare providers. This will create stronger connections between patients and providers. As the economic environment continues to change and the impact of consumer choice in health increases, people will begin to demand more access to information about their care. The movement towards greater transparency in costs and quality will give consumers more choices about healthcare. When to see a doctor, which doctor to see, and what information will a doctor need are easily answered on Unless you are truly proficient at researching the web or have an immediate need, most consumers would not even consider family history an important step in healthcare prevention. Or, maybe they have considered it – just haven't gotten around to doing it. And where can they store such private information? Safely and securely on